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       «KITOB SAYYOH» travel company is situated in Kitab city.  Kitab is one of the mountainous districts of Kashkadarya region, its centre is Kitab city. It is surrounded by high mountains and famous for its rivers, fruitful gardens, subterranean springs, fertile soil and so on. The most important thing is that it has hardworking, polite people.

Kitab borders Chirakchi, Shakhrisabz districts of Kashkadarya region, Samarkand region and the republic of Tadjikistan, its area is 1.8 thousand square km. The pass Tahtakoracha, which is 1788 m high above sea level, connects the South of the republic with the northern regions. Its population is about 218 thousand people.

Its centre is Kitab city, which is linked with Karshi, Shakhrisabz, Samarkand cities by automobile roads and railways.

Most people compare the nature of Kitab with the nature of Switzerland. The mountain ranges of Zarafshon and Hisor that lie on the northern parts of the republic give Kitab a proud of height. The climate of the district is continental, an average -3,-8oC in January, 43oC above zero in July. The annual rainfall is 545 mm.

The Ayokchi, Oksuv, and Jinni revers flow through the area of the district. There are fir – trees, almond trees, dulanas, apple trees, willows, nut trees, maple trees and pistachio trees grow on the slopes of the mountains. Foxes, wolves, jackals, bears, wild boars, wild gales and different kinds of reptiles, quails, nightingales and many other animals and birds live in the mountains.

The district has ancient history as well as ancient culture. The unearthed things founded under the hills of Saroy, Minjir, Bugajil and Mallaboshi villages show that handicraft was developed in Kitab many years ago. Among them there were valuable statues of Buddha which date back to the 1st century BC and serviced the religion of Buddha in the period of Kushan dynasty.  Also, statues of a woman and a man founded in Munchoktepa of Hayrabad village date back about the 4th – 2th centuries BC.

Except these, the coins of Alexander the Great found in these villages show the history of our culture has such deep roots, the coins of Horazmshoh, Karakhaniy, Amir Temur, Amir Olimkhan and silver, copper coins made in the period of king Luis 16th century in Germany show that trade was also developed.

Among fossils you can see statues, metal dishes, different ceramics and jevelries.

In the archeological sites a lot of things made from ceramics have been found. It means that ceramics had deep roots in our district in the past. There was a time that the soil of Saroy village and the river Ayokchisoy made this place a ceramic making place and local population deal with ceramics.

In 1970 – 1980  there was created specific school of ceramic making in Kitab.

Kitab is famous for its carving too.

Embroidering also has its school in Kitab. It is one of the oldest and widely spread types of folk art. The members of this school mainly use the style of iroki in their embroidered skullcaps and kashtas (design).

Kitab district is popular for its delicious fruits and grapes. Pomegranates of Varganza, pears of Sumak, apples of Palandara, grapes of Kaynar are popular among people. These days gardening is being developed

Every land that has its history, culture and traditions will have great future. Nowadays if you come to Kitab city you can see a lot of sightseeing places.

As this district is surrounded with mountains, has beautiful nature, sweet water, ancient history, also it is a born land of great Sohibkiron Amir Temur, that is why “KITOB SAYYOH” travel company offers its services on historical and eco tourism.

There are 6 great holy places and 235 cultural memorials in Kitab district.

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The company receives a lot of tourists from France, Netherlands, Switzerland, England, Russia, and sends group of tourist to Singapore, Malaysia, India, Turkey, Israel, United Arab Emirates, China.