Sayyohlik agentligi

Shakhrisabz city is situated on the south – west and 7 km far from Kitab city. Cities nearly are connected to each other.

Shakhrisabz has an ancient history. It was situated instead of Sangirtepa, Uzunkir, Podayotokhona in BC (2700). After coming Iskandar, the city moved instead of Kitab. Before city was named Suse then Kesh. After Mukanna’s war (XIII) the city moved to this place. After IX century the city was named Shakhrisabz. The city is naturally beautiful. There was born a great sohibkiron Amir Temur.

The city is beautiful with  the buildings, which were built by temurids. There are many such buildings in the city.  They are “Ok Saroy”, the museum of temurids, “Dorut – tilovat”, “Dorussaodat”, “Gumbazi saidon” and so on. There are a lot of shops and markets which serves tourists. The city is being beautiful day by day.