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MAVLONO KHOJAGI IBN MAVLONO DARVESH MUHAMMAD VAKHSHUVORIY (1512-1600) is situated about 12 km away to the East of the town of Kitab. His son...

1MAVLONO KHOJAGI IBN MAVLONO DARVESH MUHAMMAD VAKHSHUVORIY (1512-1600) is situated about 12 km away to the East of the town of Kitab. His son Mavlono Khoja Abdul Kosim (1613) was also buried in this village. He was one of the greatest pirs of sophism in the direction of Hojagon Nakshbandiy. His works were written on many books, such as “Intihob az kitobi”, “An Nasama”, “Tarihi tom”, “Majmua ar risolati Bokibilloh”, “Makomati imom Rabboniy”, “Nasimotil kuddus min hadoikul uns”, “Zubdatul makomat”, “Tuhfatul ansob”, “Bahrul ansob”, “Abdullanoma”, “Avliyolar” and so on. His father Darvesh Muhammad was chief assistant of the king. He hid his secrets. He studied the knowledge of outer and inner consciousness in Samarkand and Bukhara. His father Darvesh Muhammad taught him sufizm.

 He is considered to be the 22nd  pir (Master ) after his father Mavlono Darvesh Muhammad of the 36  masters of Nakshbandi’s Order (Golden Chain Of Dervish School). He was very close with Abdullakhon. After the death of Abdullakhon, the last Shayboniy governor Pirmuhammad at the battle for Samarkand was defeated  and killed.  He admonished the rulers. When the reign of Shayboniys ended and the reign of Ashtarkhoniys came into  power he  blessed them.

2Hujagi Muhammad Emkonagiy strongly kept shariat’s laws. His life and works were very disciplined, and he was born as a dervish.

He was called “Purkaram” (Great generous man) on the Hojagon Nakshbandiy’s direction. After him his sons and disciples Khoja Abdul Qosim, Muhammad Sobir, Khoja Ahmad, Muhammad Said, Khoja Abdulaziz, Khoja Khayriddin Rumiy, Mavlono Sufiy Aliobodiy, Khoja Latif Kandibodomiy, Muhammad Fozil Badakhshiy, Yakub Sarfiy Kashmiriy and other assistants were given his irshod (a document giving the right to teach sufizm)  and permitted them to be sheikhs.

He did much to educate Man and show him the right path. On his grave-stone following is written: “ Let this grave be full of light. The Sulton of Orifs. Reached God. Man of same ideas with the  collective. Belief and supporter of rulers and people. Poor of the poor.  Great Man of the great. He is a friend of scientists and the true and the honest. Forgiven and reached the light of thankfulness, God blessed him, the Kutb of Kutbs (Great man of the Great) . His Highness, Mavlono Khojagi ibn Mavlono Darvesh  Muhammad Vakhshuvoriy. Let Allah bless him. Mavlono Yakub Charkhiy’s disciple. Died in 1008 (1600)”. These writings show us that he was the greatest of the Great. If we analyze the  term “orif of the orifs” it means that he was a great scientist of the great scientists of his period. In Bukhara Emirate  judges were chosen among his disciples and from Khojailmkanagi where he lived.

The holy place was reconstructed in 2013 – 2014.