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 The holy place Aksuv is situated on the village Khojaisfaroz in the south-east about 17 km far from Kitab city. There were buried three...

1 The holy place Aksuv is situated on the village Khojaisfaroz in the south-east about 17 km far from Kitab city. There were buried three great sheikhs: Sheikh Shamsiddin and his son Sheikh Najmiddin, and the third pir Darvesh Mukhammad.

“Aksuv” river flows through this holy place. 200 m length of the river famous with name “Ak suv” and it was Sheikh Shamsiddin’s prodigy’s result. People come to this place to recover from many desiases from 22th  june every Thursday during four weeks.2

The “Ak suv” river flows by the south part of the Khojaisfaroz village. There is situated Sheikh Shamsiddin mosque on left coast. That mosque was built during temurids time.

HAZRATI SHEIKH SHAMSIDDIN was born in Hezzan village (Tadjikistan). He studied  the beginning education completely, and his father Sheikh Hujjojiy Parranda taught him “ilmi kol” and “ilmi hol”. Young Sheikh Shamsiddin after taking irshod arrived to the village Khojaisfaroz and taught people.

He was handicraftsman. He taught the knowledge secrets from Hazrati Sulton Said Ahmad and he was great scientist.

Hazrati Sheikh Shamsiddin Parranda was great saint man. He had a lot of pupil, many of them became great scientists, well – known sheikhs.

He died in 1501 in the village Khojaisfaroz.

MAVLONO DARVESH MUKHAMMAD – a great representative of Hojagon direction, he was popular as a great and true teacher, a famous scientist in all muslim countries. He was well educated man of the outer and inner consciousness.

He spent 15 years of his life on practicing. He concerned with the husbandry. Darvesh Mukhammad went to his uncle Khoja Mukhammad Zohid’s presence and served him. His uncle taught him.3

After meeting with one of the sheikhs Kubraviya Nuriddin Mukhammad Kofiy, Darvesh Mukhammad became more popular. Kubroviya Shekhs Nuriddin Muhammad Khofiy, Kamoliddin Husayn Khorazmiy, Sheikh Amir Ali Azizon Khirvoniy and many other well-known scientists of that time enjoyed his  debates.

There were written about Darvesh Mukhammad in “Risolai dar suluk”, “Risolai hush dar dam” books. He was greatly impressed by the philosophical thoughts of  the founder of the Order of “Vahdati vujud” Muhyidin ibn Arabiy and wrote a book about  this teaching. Mavlono Darvesh Muhammad was popular among people as “Khojagon Sar Daftary” (Great Notes of Khojagon).

He restricted to name himself Mukhammad and that’s why all time he named himself Makhmud.

Till 1562 Mavlono Darvesh Mukhammad taught in the mosque which was situated in the village Khojaisfaroz.

He was a great pupil of Khoja Ahror Valiy and Sheikh Mukhammad Zohid.

 He knew a lot languages such as arabic, persian, tadzhik, indian and languages  of eastern countries. When he went to other countries he could speak without problem on their native language.

 Mavlono Darvesh Mukhammad had many pupil from many countries. And there are a lot of great scientists and well-known sheikhs.

      Nowadays his books are keeping in the library of Sulaymoniya in Turkey. In the  “Tuhfat ul ansob”, “Tuhfat as zoirin”, “Hazinatul asfiyo” books given full information about Mavlono Darvesh Mukhammad.

He died on 21st of august 1562 in the village Khojaisfaroz. Nowadays this place is popular as “Aksuv” holy place.

This holy place was reconstructed  in 2013 – 2014